Dear Business Partner

It has gradually become obvious to us all that we live and work in a very unpredictable time and market. The past has always been clearer than the present – let alone the future.

But fluctuations in commodity prices, exchange rates, interest rates, freight rates, etc. are extreme these years. It requires good business partners to get through the volatile time we live in.

At Fayrefield, we are fortunate that over the past 25 years in the dairy business, we have established strong relationships with both suppliers and customers. Our products are well known and respected for their quality and consistency.

Therefore, we continue to grow and develop also through these challenging years. We look forward to 2023 with optimism.

As in previous years, we have made donations for several foundations supporting some of the most vulnerable in our society, especially sick children and their families. Therefore, this year we among others donated a family room at Trygfondens Family Home, where families can live together in homely surroundings close to the hospital, while their child receives daily treatment.

The war in Ukraine has been the attention of most people during 2022. And like many other companies around the world, we donated to help the Ukrainian people in this terrible situation. To them we send a very special Christmas wish for a 2023 with peace and reunion with their loved ones.

With these words, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2023.

Fayrefield Foods A/S