Satisfactory annual result for 2021 published

Fayrefield Foods came out of the 2021 financial year with a satisfactory result of just over DKK 16 million before tax. A slight improvement compared to 2020. We are approaching our goal of a result that corresponds to at least 2% of our total revenue. A goal we expect to achieve in the current financial year.

Furthermore, we have by now digested the strong growth the company experienced in the period from 2015 to 2020. Our key financial figures have improved and we are in a position where we can grow again. We have a plan ready for this new Journey. Through new initiatives and organic growth, we will grow the top line with up to 50 % and improve earnings significantly over the next 5-year period.

It will be an exciting journey for our employees and the company.

Jens Haugstrup
Managing Director