New Year Greeting 2023

9. December 2023

Dear Business Partner

2023 is soon coming to an end. Now is only left to enjoy a nice Christmas, before we can start a new year – 2024.

For Fayrefield Foods, 2023 has been a very good year. Our business in the USA is gradually becoming well established and is growing at good pace. We have increased our capacity at our factory in Rostrup and are working on further changes during 2024, which can help strengthen our own production.

On the trading side, we continue to develop the business with our traditional good suppliers and loyal customers and can yet again reveal a strong year. In addition, we have established ourselves in France in 2023. It is a move that we expect a lot from in the coming years.

We have also made a good start developing our dairy-based ingredients sales in new market segments during the year. We expect a lot more of similar business and market development in the coming years.

Sadly, there is still too many conflicts and wars in the world. It regretfully seems like, this is the world we will operate in for some time. Although, we all hope for peace, not only in Ukraine but now also more recently in Gaza.

We unfortunately cannot do much other than hope for better times. Instead, and meanwhile we try to help vulnerable and ill children and their families through our donations. On the occasion of our 25th anniversary this year, we among other sent a special donation to the Danish Red Cross.

With these words, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2024.

Fayrefield Foods A/S